Importance of VVIP Preview

VVIP Preview

Going to a VVIP Preview  can be stressful, but knowing the purpose of VVIP Preview and the process of registering the event will maximize your return on investment!

Developers of a new launch project usually conduct closed-door VVIP Preview events to determine the reception of a project before the official launch for the public. The VVIP Preview is a special exclusive invitation only for interested registered buyers before the public launch. Registered buyers to the VVIP Preview entitles to priority booking enjoying  lower pricing and higher discount rates.

An Expression of Interest or EOI is needed to register for the VVIP Preview. The registration ensures the registered buyers on a lower price of the choice units on VVIP Preview day. As choice units are generally the “hot” units, it is highly recommended to submit an EOI to maximize a registered buyer’s chances to secure the choice units at the lower price (higher Return on Investment or ROI with lowest entry price and higher rental or resale value). To register VVIP Preview with an EOI, buyers are needed to submit a copy of their NRIC, a Cheque, and their identified choice units.

Registering to the VVIP Preview with an EOI is free of charge and strictly non-obligatory, whereby the registered buyers are free to walk away at any time. Some registered buyers would find their choice units being taken up, or not comfortable with the pricing, at this time the registered buyers are free to walk away, with or without attending the  VVIP Preview day, with no strings attached. However, it is strongly recommended for the buyers to submit an EOI so they can be the first in priority at VVIP Preview day before the official public launch.

After registered buyers have purchased their chosen units, the project with be Public Launch. Price will usually increase and “hot” units taken up with limited selection of the remaining units.

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